Women's Blue Bolts 1.5" Split Shorts


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i love the shorts so much! just a little bit big

Pamela Lempicki

These shorts are so comfortable and fun to wear. Zip pocket in the back is perfect for holding keys etc

Madeline Moore

Women's Blue Bolts 1.5" Split Shorts

Christy N

These are easily the best running shorts I’ve bought and worn in over 5 years. Being a mom of two, I haven’t given myself the time or space to actually buy dedicated running shorts in that time, typically just finding whatever was convenient where we were already shopping, and I will never go back! These are clearly shorts made for runners - first time in my running life I haven’t had to roll the tops of my running shorts due to length, they’re so insanely comfortable (and flattering), don’t slide or move, and perfect length in the back to be covered, without constricting movement in the front. I’ll definitely be back for 3-4 more pairs, can finally focus just on running when out and not all the readjusting needed with other shorts for comfort, and cannot wait to get rid of all my other old (pretend) running shorts in favor of these! 6 out of 5 stars!

Jean Parrillo
Granddaughters birthday gift

My granddaughter is a runner, and she specifically ordered the chicken legs because they are very popular very well made great colors, and I agreed with her. The product was excellent. I’m sure she will probably want some more patterns for future.