Kaylyn's "ChicknLegs Why"

Why ChicknLegs? This is our story.


ChicknLegs is more than just short shorts.It's telling people you're a runner and hearing, "Yeah I could tell."It's about 6Am runs with the squad all summer long. ChicknLegs is what defines us as distance runners.


ChicknLegs started with a simple mission: To build running shorts for all of the under-served (and under-toned) distance runners around the globe.

Cross Country and Track are arguably the two toughest sports known to mankind; Runners destroy their bodies day in and day out all for the slight chance at writing their names among other legends in the famed book of school records.

We had a 60ish year old come up to us at the Gate River Run expo and tell us how his nickname in high school was “chicken legs” over 40 years ago! Our brand also crosses borders and languages with ease, as we hear Spanish speakers at the Miami marathon pass by while laughing “patas de pollo!" 😂

Runners we have mad respect for the work you're putting in. Like you, we are also working tirelessly on our craft. We will always work to make products that are innovative and have the best quality materials. We want to create a running brand that redefines the phrase "short shorts" without changing our core beliefs:

  • Running shorts are short
  • Running shorts are fun
  • Running shorts are comfortable
  • Running shorts are affordable

If you ever feel we are deviating from these core beliefs, send an email to customer@chicknlegs.com with the subject line:

"You've changed, bro."

and we'll get the message. When our shorts slide up along your upper thighs for the first time, we want it to feel like you're buttering a slice of toast with some of that spreadable butter that hasn't been refrigerated in a couple hours. But more than anything else, we want to create products that make people laugh and smile.

Come check out a pair and be amazed.


Confidence, freedom, determination, discovery.