ChicknLegs Salty Donuts 2" Run
ChicknLegs men's donuts 2" split running shorts front view.
ChicknLegs men's donuts 2" split running shorts side view. featuring our mesh splits.
ChicknLegs men's donuts 2" split running shorts rear view.
ChicknLegs men's donuts 2" split running shorts full body view.

ChicknLegs Salty Donuts 2" Run

Men's Running Shorts

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Soft elastic waistband hugs your waist to provide support without the need of a drawstring
Inside pocket to stash the essentials
 Perforated, supportive mesh liner for added breathability
 Excellent wash-and-wear performance
2" Inseam and 4" Side Split
 Model is 5'10" - 140 lbs - Size M

 chicknlegs mens split running shorts size chart

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Jennifer Blackstone
Very nice!

Gift to son...he excited to wear them

Teresa Murphy
Reward Yourself with Salty Donuts

I bought Salty Donuts for my son and his girlfriend. They wore them in their latest half-marathon and rewarded themselves at the finish line with their favorite edible donuts. We’d love some udon!

Michael Tessitore
Size selection

I love my shorts. My wife would love to have some as well but you don’t have xl in ladies sizes. She has thick thighs.

Hi Michael,

We will be adding XL for men and women's styles starting this November! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at


Noah Cowley
Review title

Bro. Great shorts, love the design. Kinda wish they had a zipper pocket or something in the back but other than that, great product. Appreciate y’all.

Erick Rendon
They Fit terrible (inside liner too small)

Unfortunately these great looking shorts have the worst inside liner... it seems way to small for the actual size of the shorts... very uncomfortable to run in as the liner felt more like I was wearing 2 sizes small.. I ordered I ordered size Large.. im 5'10'' 155lbs... loved everything else... except the inside liner... but that's kinda really important...

Hi Erick,
I'm sorry to hear this. We don't normally get reports of the liner being too small. It could be that your pair was mislabeled or defective. I just sent you an email so we can get this sorted out and get you a new pair. My email is