Men's Dino-sore 2" Split Shorts


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c rose
Cute but difficult

I (a woman) ordered the women’s purple chocolate milk shorts and loved them when they came. They were a little too short for my liking so I ordered these dino shorts because they offered 2” in the men’s. When they were shipped I loved them too.
However, now that’s it’s getting a little hotter outside, wearing these shorts on my normal/long runs are super annoying because they keep riding up between my legs and nothing will stop it. I’ve literally tried everything from wearing compression shorts underneath (which you could imagine is sweltering in Texas heat), hairspray, vaseline, etc. I had to stop a quarter of the way into my long run last week because I was so uncomfortable. I really love these shorts but they’re really difficult to wear sometimes specifically because of the riding up when I’m walking or running.
I’d really appreciate if the company was able to come out with a 3” pair for women or men or maybe added a little more fabric so it was looser between the legs.

henry stoakley
Very nice a little short

the shorts are very comfortable and some if my favorite pairs of shorts just know if you dont like short shorts these arent the ones for you

Great running shorts.

These are great running shorts. The waistband is super soft. The liner is better then the other brands, it has a good amount of support. The 2" shorts are short, they show a good amount of leg, but they are not obscene.

Allen Kent
My son loves.

My son loves these running shorts super comfortable.

Carri Burns
Gangster Yo

Excellent shorts